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Jamaica’s Bleaching Problem

White supremacy is rearing its ugly head in this jewel of the Caribbean, where, despite emancipation, slavery of the more complex kind still exists.It’s white supremacy at its finest–the passed down racial hierarchy of white is right expressing itself through … Continue reading

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On Having A Scottish Last Name

I recently started genealogy research into my Jamaican roots. My last name, like those of many other Jamaicans, is Scottish. I knew it was beforehand but I didn’t care, not until my father accused me of not caring for my … Continue reading

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February Is Black History Month Rambling

I admit. I have never taken too greatly to BHM. I always feel like during this period, people project too much. They go out of their way to be “nice” and “politically correct.” Also, BHM is usually too Americanized (yes, I know BHM … Continue reading

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Caribana is an annual weekend long festival in Toronto. It’s a celebration of the culture of Caribbean people. It was founded in 1976. Caribana celebrates a tradition called carnival. Carnival is celebrated throughout many nations and people in the western … Continue reading

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Jamaica’s Most Wanted

Jamaica has the privilege of being home to one of the world’s most dangerous Kingpins: Christopher “Dudus” Coke. No, I didn’t make his name up. The scum has strong influence in the government. So strong that the government fears angering … Continue reading

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