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Neymar Jr, Brazilian Racism and The World Cup of Football (soccer)

I grew up with the Brazilian dream team of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho (2002 world cup champions). Imagine my shock when Ronaldo called himself “white,” Ronaldinho declared Moreno, and Roberto Carlos white. Then there is the curious case of Neymar da … Continue reading

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The Whitewashing of History Through Cinema

We live in a world dominated by people of European descent, and they determine whose tales get told, and who gets into their historical epics, whether they are fantastical (Game of Thrones) or factual (Braveheart). Whites are raised believing they … Continue reading

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Blackface, Whiteface, Crazy Eyes and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey’s husband) has enraged the Internet by posting images/videos of himself in “whiteface.” Many whites are venting their frustration with the perceived hypocrisy over the incident involving Dancing with the Stars dancer Julianne Hough, who received backlash … Continue reading

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All the Real ‘Girls’: White People’s Problems, Cont’d

Girls is supposed to revolutionize TV by putting the “real” lives of young women out there. It’s creator (Lena Dunham) is supposed to be witty and the show is supposed to be half-an-hour of sarcasm and narcissism, supposedly lost to the characters, but … Continue reading

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Rue, the Sacrificial Black Lamb

I will assume that, by now, just about everyone has heard of The Hunger Games (THG), and know the basic storyline. While The Hunger Games smashed box office records, the peripheral story has shifted from its success to the ugliness … Continue reading

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On Grace Kelly’s Image

I just finished reading the Grace Kelly biography, True Grace by Wendy Leigh, and find myself wholly disappointed. I can’t remember what led me to Grace Kelly. It might be the “royal” hoopla that has been happening over the past year, … Continue reading

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Is Paula Patton Authenically Black?

Recently, Selam Aster, a writer for MadameNoire, a popular black news website came under criticism for an article denouncing the “authentic blackness” of actress Paula Patton. I’m not saying Patton is white, but she played that character like a straight up … Continue reading

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