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Another year, another movie about a down-and-out black teenage girl struggling in her innercity world. This time, it’s Pariah, a movie about a young teenage girl coming to terms with her homosexuality while dealing with an angry mother who doesn’t approve. It’s getting all sort of Oscar buzz.

Pariah, on the surface, is similar to Precious, but the critics disagree that it’s the same movie. In Pariah, Alike, the main character, is not a victim of her neighborhood or parenting. She’s not a victim at all. She’s simply a young woman dealing with her sexuality. Furthermore, the movie is not filled with stereotypes and stereotypical characters. The characters are more authentic, and Alike’s mother is more human than Precious’ mother.

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The Royal Hoopla

While shopping in the bookstore yesterday, I was bombarded by books claiming to be royal biographies, written by people claiming to be royal experts, as if this was a real career title. I can’t believe how ridiculous the royal hype … Continue reading

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Black Ghetto Baby Names

I could write a book about this topic, but I won’t. But, what else can be said about the names black westerners give to their kids. The same names they try to defend as “African” when they get crap for … Continue reading

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Even Sesame Street Is Commenting On Black Female Hair

I Love My Hair Come have an affair:

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The Smoking Baby

This story is arguably one of the more disturbing stories that I have come across in recent months. The toddler is an avid smoker in Indonesia, and has been since he was a few months old. Naturally, the story agitated … Continue reading

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8 Most Overrated People In History

According to Mark Juddery for The Huffington Post:1.Mahatma Gandhi–more political than peaceful? 2.Lady Godiva–that ‘naked on the horse’ rumor isn’t true? 3.Christoper Columbus–didn’t discover the Americas, wasn’t the first European here, and died believing he had landed in India. 4.Guglielmo … Continue reading

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Diane J. Savino: The case for same-sex marriage | Video on

Since the same sex marriage debate is in the news: Prop 8, I thought this wonderful video is perfect for the occasion. Come have an affair:

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