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Proxy Whites

DISCLAIMER: This is a controversial topic. The term may cause insults to many, especially those who may fit into the “proxy” white category through no fault of their own (after all, you can’t change what you are). Realistically, the blame … Continue reading

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The Whitewashing of History Through Cinema

We live in a world dominated by people of European descent, and they determine whose tales get told, and who gets into their historical epics, whether they are fantastical (Game of Thrones) or factual (Braveheart). Whites are raised believing they … Continue reading

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Race and Casting in The Hunger Games, part 2: White Protectionism

Yet another firestorm is brewing over casting and race in Suzanne Collins’┬áThe Hunger Games. You may recall that, on the opening weekend of the hit teen franchise, certain “fans” of the series took to Twitter to berate the casting of … Continue reading

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Rue, the Sacrificial Black Lamb

I will assume that, by now, just about everyone has heard of The Hunger Games (THG), and know the basic storyline. While The Hunger Games smashed box office records, the peripheral story has shifted from its success to the ugliness … Continue reading

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Another year, another movie about a down-and-out black teenage girl struggling in her innercity world. This time, it’s Pariah, a movie about a young teenage girl coming to terms with her homosexuality while dealing with an angry mother who doesn’t approve. It’s getting all sort of Oscar buzz.

Pariah, on the surface, is similar to Precious, but the critics disagree that it’s the same movie. In Pariah, Alike, the main character, is not a victim of her neighborhood or parenting. She’s not a victim at all. She’s simply a young woman dealing with her sexuality. Furthermore, the movie is not filled with stereotypes and stereotypical characters. The characters are more authentic, and Alike’s mother is more human than Precious’ mother.

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Something Interesting

It’s rare to find Science Fiction and fantasy stories/movies starring non-whites, but here’s an interesting one. It’s called PUMZI. Come have an affair:

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Harry Potter Versus Voldemort: a rap battle

In honor of part one of the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, one of my favorites, opening today, I present Harry Potter: rap battle. Come have an affair:

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