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The Two Types of Bullies, and how to deal with them

When you think of a bully, what comes to mind? I bet it’s the media portrayal of the bully. It’s a big-boned/large bodied boy or girl who assaults a smaller person, and demands his or her lunch money. This cartoon-definition … Continue reading

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My Childhood Affliction of Motion Sickness

I am not someone anyone wants to invite for road trips.  When you say to me, “let’s visit the country,” the first thought that comes to mind is that this will be a disaster for me. How long will the … Continue reading

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The New Year 2011

Now that 2010 is over, and the long holiday with it, it’s time to get back to the harshness of winter.  In the weeks leading up to the New Year, most of the U..S northeast and western Europe had been … Continue reading

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Time Wasted Away

This is not a post about all the time I have been wasting. I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but for very good reasons. I am swamped with work and I am sick, as in really ill. The … Continue reading

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Revelation of the Year: Search Engines

This is one of the weirder blogs I will write. Stick with me here: my mundane revelation may be odd, but it needs to be written down. I am one of those people who has a crippling fear of letting … Continue reading

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Apparently, I Can’t Catch A Break

Yeah, I am serious, too. School, work, and everything in-between have been so overbearing.  I think I need a personal god of luck, or maybe just need to better organize myself. Come have an affair:

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A Remnant Of My Childhood

I wonder why the grass is green,And why the wind is never seen?Who taught the birds to build a nest,And told the trees to take a rest? Who lights the stars when they blow out,And makes the lightning flash about?Who … Continue reading

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