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Proxy Whites

DISCLAIMER: This is a controversial topic. The term may cause insults to many, especially those who may fit into the “proxy” white category through no fault of their own (after all, you can’t change what you are). Realistically, the blame … Continue reading

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#All Lives Matter–please read the fine print

Why is it so hard for white people to get that when black people say ‘black lives matter’ it means “we, black people, don’t feel our lives are as valued as the lives of white people”? Numerous studies and daily … Continue reading

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To quote Virginia Woolf, “what matters here is truth not fact.”

In light of the NYT’s article about society’s value system that draws rigid and absolute lines between truth/fact and opinion/beliefs, I decided to write this short opinion piece. Truth and fact, in an ideal world, are the same. But this … Continue reading

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5 Movies Hollywood Should Remake With Non-White People

1. She, 1965—there have been three known movies based on the popular nineteenth-century novel by British author, Henry Rider Haggard (King Solomon’s Mines). The best-known version starred the first bond girl, Ursula Andress, as the frigid queen of a mythical … Continue reading

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Blackface, Whiteface, Crazy Eyes and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey’s husband) has enraged the Internet by posting images/videos of himself in “whiteface.” Many whites are venting their frustration with the perceived hypocrisy over the incident involving Dancing with the Stars dancer Julianne Hough, who received backlash … Continue reading

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All the Real ‘Girls’: White People’s Problems, Cont’d

Girls is supposed to revolutionize TV by putting the “real” lives of young women out there. It’s creator (Lena Dunham) is supposed to be witty and the show is supposed to be half-an-hour of sarcasm and narcissism, supposedly lost to the characters, but … Continue reading

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How Can Anyone Support Chris Brown?

The Grammy Awards was on Sunday night. And, besides Nicki Minaj’s awful and failed performance, and besides Whitney’s tribute,  the next talked about incident was the appearance of dancing, lipsynching Chris Brown. Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammys is rubbing people the … Continue reading

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