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The Two Types of Bullies, and how to deal with them

When you think of a bully, what comes to mind? I bet it’s the media portrayal of the bully. It’s a big-boned/large bodied boy or girl who assaults a smaller person, and demands his or her lunch money. This cartoon-definition … Continue reading

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Stop Using ‘People of Color’ Phrase

I won’t go through the long list of ethnic adjectives used throughout history to describe various peoples (Savages, Redskins, Negroes, Coloreds, Kaffirs, etc.). That is not my concern. My concern is the phrase, People of Color, which, over the last ten … Continue reading

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The Whitewashing of History Through Cinema

We live in a world dominated by people of European descent, and they determine whose tales get told, and who gets into their historical epics, whether they are fantastical (Game of Thrones) or factual (Braveheart). Whites are raised believing they … Continue reading

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Bangkok KFC Commercial

So, the ad makers knew enough about American culture to associate black people with fried chicken, but not enough to know that black people find the fried chicken stereotype offensive?  It bothers me when people who make these offensive videos/commercials/Ads … Continue reading

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All the Real ‘Girls’: White People’s Problems, Cont’d

Girls is supposed to revolutionize TV by putting the “real” lives of young women out there. It’s creator (Lena Dunham) is supposed to be witty and the show is supposed to be half-an-hour of sarcasm and narcissism, supposedly lost to the characters, but … Continue reading

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February Is Black History Month Rambling

I admit. I have never taken too greatly to BHM. I always feel like during this period, people project too much. They go out of their way to be “nice” and “politically correct.” Also, BHM is usually too Americanized (yes, I know BHM … Continue reading

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The 2012 South Carolina Republican Debates

For the first time, I decided to tune into a Republican nomination debate. Normally, I try to avoid American politics as much as possible. Let’s be honest, it’s messy, nasty and somewhat teeth-grinding. Watching American politics debates and speeches is … Continue reading

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