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The Niqab In A Liberal Society

This post is late. It was due in October 2015, during the Canadian federal elections. The now-defeated Conservative government, led by then Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sought a judicial decree to get the niqab banned from all citizenship ceremonies.  The … Continue reading

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A Guide To Muslim Women’s Head Wear

Your guide to Islamic head covering. The most common form of head coverage for Muslim women is the Hijab (left). It’s a square scarf covering head and neck. The Burqa (right) is downright scary. It’s a heavy drapery that covers … Continue reading

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Why Are Black People So Religious?

It’s a question that get asked everyday. It’s a question that requires consideration before answering. I, as a self-proclaimed secular humanist (atheist),  am the only non-religious one among my black friends. D.L Hughley, who’s not exactly an authority figure, but … Continue reading

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