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Re-Birth of A Nation, 2016

White women voted for Donald J. Trump at a rate of 53%. Trump already stated he and his VP Mike Pence are planning to wage a war on Roe v. Wade, and turn the clock back on women’s reproductive rights. … Continue reading

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The Internet Is A Scary Place for Black women: the Leslie Jones debacle

By now, many have heard of the situation surrounding SNL cast-member, comedienne, Leslie Jones. Jones’s troubles started with the July 2016 release of the all-female remake of Ghostbusters. Though she’s not the first female to be hacked, or have nude photos leaked, … Continue reading

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Nayara Justino deemed too black for Miss Globaleza Title

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The Niqab In A Liberal Society

This post is late. It was due in October 2015, during the Canadian federal elections. The now-defeated Conservative government, led by then Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, sought a judicial decree to get the niqab banned from all citizenship ceremonies.  The … Continue reading

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On Virginity, Sex Workers and Feminism

I just came from XoJane.  There’s an interesting article about a 22 year old woman who’s admitting to be a virgin. Of course, there’s debate on the topic. Is it pro or anti-feminist to be a virgin at the age … Continue reading

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All the Real ‘Girls’: White People’s Problems, Cont’d

Girls is supposed to revolutionize TV by putting the “real” lives of young women out there. It’s creator (Lena Dunham) is supposed to be witty and the show is supposed to be half-an-hour of sarcasm and narcissism, supposedly lost to the characters, but … Continue reading

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She Said She Felt “Threatened”

It’s a bit late now, but the incident of Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, pointing and wagging her finger in President Obama’s face during his visit to the state, is such that I cannot let it go. The background of the … Continue reading

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