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#All Lives Matter–please read the fine print

Why is it so hard for white people to get that when black people say ‘black lives matter’ it means “we, black people, don’t feel our lives are as valued as the lives of white people”? Numerous studies and daily … Continue reading

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Stop Using ‘People of Color’ Phrase

I won’t go through the long list of ethnic adjectives used throughout history to describe various peoples (Savages, Redskins, Negroes, Coloreds, Kaffirs, etc.). That is not my concern. My concern is the phrase, People of Color, which, over the last ten … Continue reading

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On Having A Scottish Last Name

I recently started genealogy research into my Jamaican roots. My last name, like those of many other Jamaicans, is Scottish. I knew it was beforehand but I didn’t care, not until my father accused me of not caring for my … Continue reading

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The Whitewashing of History Through Cinema

We live in a world dominated by people of European descent, and they determine whose tales get told, and who gets into their historical epics, whether they are fantastical (Game of Thrones) or factual (Braveheart). Whites are raised believing they … Continue reading

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She: a history of Adventure, and commentary on Africa, Cultural Appropriation and African Queens

Henry Rider Haggard’s novel, She,  is among the first “adventure” novels written. Along with the author’s first novel, King Solomon’s Mines, which is said to inspire  such gems as the Indiana Jones franchise. It takes place in colonial-era Africa, in the … Continue reading

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The Black Threat

If you feel scared and threatened by me, does that give you the right to kill me, even if I have not said or done anything threatening to you? I mean, if Arizona governor Jan Brewer said she felt threatened … Continue reading

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Micro-Aggressive Racism

If there’s anything the following video demonstrates, it’s the nature of white racism at its worse. In the video, white Conservative Superpack, Fightbigotry (a joke), accuses President Obama and U.S Attorney General Eric Holder of racism against white people. This … Continue reading

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